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Sherelle Hogan

Sherelle most often has been described as a remarkable young woman of God and a survivor. A victim of parental incarceration, Sherelle faced a childhood of trauma related challenges as she fought to maintain psychological, physical, and spiritual freedom. Statistics suggest many that have walked
Sherelle’s path end up uneducated, entangled in the criminal system and living in poverty. However
Sherelle has managed to navigate life traumatic circumstances turning pain into purpose. She has
beaten the odds and has become an inspiration to many. Sherelle is by no means a finished product,
however her future is as brightest as her smile.


Through this traumatic experience, Sherelle has become an advocate for children of incarcerated
parents. She founded “Pure Heart Foundation” to bridge the gap and create opportunities for children
who are often forgotten. Pure Heart has assisted bringing awareness to the psychological instability
children of incarcerated parents and providers face. Sherelle has a goal of decreasing generational
incarceration, including “the school to prison pipe line” by creating a new cycle of hope, love, and
financial sustainability. Sherelle shares her journey to freedom through her NEW book “The Prisoners’
Kid” in hopes it inspires every reader will look within. 


Sherelle attended University of Michigan, obtaining a BA in Child Psychology. Sherelle currently is the
Resource Counselor for CEASE FIRE Detroit a partnership with Law Enforcement, Community and Faith-Base to address violent crime. The Executive Director of Pure Heart Foundation. Sherelle’s journey to
freedom has just begun. Follow Sherelle’s story as it continues to flourish.

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