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       The Prisoners’ Kid shares a story of an urban American youth who struggled to cope with the life-altering effects of America’s mass incarceration. A childhood punctuated with both parents being incarcerated, Sherelle found herself in a life of psychological imprisonment that was equivalent to what her parents were coping with. Often, she experienced haunting feelings of being unwanted and thoughts of suicide. After being nearly suffocated by soul-shattering trauma, being on life support did not derail her fight for her emotional, spiritual, and mental freedom. A compelling and inspiring story that will undeniably engulf emotions. In sharing life’s darkest moments and the ability to find light through darkness, The Prisoners’ Kid will inspire others to free themselves from entities that often imprison the mind, body, soul, and spirit. A powerful woman now applauds the girl of the past. Truly a survivor’s story of triumph. The Prisoners’ Kid is an example of how the circumstances that were meant to kill you may be turned into the catalysts for your life’s richest blessings.